Workshops and Programs

Sept. 22 ~Ayala Talpai 
The Felting Needle: Darling Kittens and the Yarn Armature

Ayala is a folk artist who has intentionally avoided the often political world of art galleries. She has supported herself with her art--with a booth at the Eugene, Oregon Saturday Market these 21 years past: as a creator of wedding garments for ceremonies both on and off the beaten path: as an Artist-in-Residence for the county public schools teaching woolwork to people of all ages and abilities. Ayala brought felting needles to the attention of the fiber arts world. She's keeping it simple, affordable, and applicable anywhere fiber is found. Prepare for a lively, productive workshop (and quite likely, a lifetime's absorption in needle felting!)

****Members: Please bring any felting tools that you may have to participate in this mini-workshop. Ayala is bringing felting needles and other supplies for everyone. However, you may prefer to use your own. The meeting time for this event will be from 10am to 3pm.

Oct. 27-29 ~ Sara von Tresckow

Spinning Flax Workshop with Sara von Tresckow ~ October 28 & 29

A sign-up list for this workshop will be available at the September Guild meeting. Complete details will be included in the October newsletter.

Registration is also available via mail by sending a check made out to SWSG to:

Susan von Sosten, 1837 Princeton Avenue, Stockton, CA 95204. 

If you have any questions please email Susan: or 209-464-8723.

Location: Shepard Garden and Art Center, 3330 McKinley Blvd., Sacramento

Workshop fee: $100. Materials fee: $3.00 per ounce of fiber 
Time: 9-4 pm

Nov. 24 ~ Mini-workshops presented by Guild members TBA

Jan. 26 ~ Tricia Goldberg 
Tapestry: From Image to Loom 

February 23 ~ Adele Stafford
Farm to Table textiles

March 22- 25 ~ Kathrin Weber 
Artistic process in dyeing warps 
Workshop: Focus on the Warp (Controlling Creative Chaos)

April 26-28 ~ Rosalie Neilson
Kumihimo: From Defense to Decoration 
Workshop: Kumihimo: Braiding on the Marudai

May 24 ~ Guild luncheon and Member sale/swap 

Questions? Please contact the Program Co-Chairs: Stephanie Clar 916-966-8984 

Susan von Sosten 209-464-8723

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