Workshops and Programs

January 24, 2017

Speaker: Eileen Hallman

Topic: Dirt to Shirt


Eileen will show the evolution from the first things she ever spun and wove to her most recent work. She weaves with her handspun singles so energy in the cloth will be a major part of the presentation.


The afternoon presentation will be a trunk show. There will be cotton sliver (roving), yarn, and some some small packets of fabric for sale in organic cotton and Dye-Lishus® cotton. Most of it is undyed but there may be some naturally dyed sliver. There will also be Eileen’s DVD and shuttles that hold the charkha spindle.




February 28, 2017

Speaker: Jette Vandermeiden

Topic: Damask Goes North: the Story of the Tablecloth


Where does the tablecloth come from? Why is it used? Tracing the emergence of the tablecloth through the centuries closely follows the movement of damask from the Middle East up to Scandinavia through Europe. The development of the drawloom and the Jacquard loom in Europe brought enormous cultural and societal changes to professional weavers of the time. Connections between religious and political events and the development of damasks and linens as royal textiles tell an interesting story of the influence of weaving on world events through the ages


There will not be an afternoon program due to the workshop, “All Tied Up.”



March 28, 2017

Speaker: Jannie Taylor

Topic: Understanding Lace Weaves


 Is it Bronson or Swedish; or maybe it's Huck Lace? Lace Weaves are remarkably similar to one another and can be difficult to identify with any certainty. Fortunately, each one has at least one unique characteristic that makes identification relatively easy for those weavers in the know. This seminar will provide you with the tools to identify a variety of loom controlled lace weaves.


To be continued in the afternoon

April 25, 2017

Speaker: Nancy Roberts

Topic:  Dyeing Self-Striping Yarn for Weavers


Nancy Roberts uses a knitting machine as a tool for dyeing self-striping yarns.  By dyeing knit fabric “blanks” rather than 2- and 3-yard skeins, weavers can produce color repeats of any length. It is surprising how easy it is to create one continuous strand of yarn with subtle or bold color transitions.  She will present a slideshow that will cover the history of her process, her various methods for producing yarns with controlled color repeats, and photos of the extensive body of work she has produced using this technique.  She will also bring loads of samples of her knitted and woven pieces.



Spring SWSG Workshops


Space is available in both workshops

September 27th, 2016.  Welcome back, members.  Our first program of the year features weaver Dianne Totten demonstrating her technique for "crimp cloth", a variation of handwoven shibori.  See her webpage here.  She will also be teaching a 2 day workshop which at the moment has two spots open.  Contact us at for info.

October 25, 2016

Speaker: Marilyn Romatka

Topic: Handicrafts of Gujaret

Marilyn traveled in India in 2013. While she was there she observed and learned about weaving and dyeing techniques that are so much of people’s daily lives. She will share her photos and her stories. Some wonderful photos are available on her website, . Marilyn is fascinated by all forms of folk art. She has presented widely and is the author of the book, Creative Crafts of the World

November 29, 2016

Mini-workshops - topics to be announced

The traditional date has been changed to the week after Thanksgiving.