Saturday Group

The Saturday Group is a supplemental meeting time for those who are unable to attend the weekday meet-ups or just want to come hang out on a Saturday and spin, weave, or knit.  Come with your ideas on how to shape this group, or simply to enjoy the company of like minded fiber folk.  We meet the 2nd Saturday of the month.  Feel free to email us ahead of time if you want more info.

We gather at 9 AM for socializing in room 7/8.  Meeting time is 10 AM - 12:30 PM  where we settle down and work on projects or have a designated program or topic of discussion.  Parking is free.  Here's a tentative schedule for our gatherings for the rest of the year subject to change:

Oct 2016         Supported/One-handed draw/Charka Cotton

Nov 2016        How To Use a Wheel (multiple wheel demo)

Dec 2016        Holiday Sharing and Social Media

Jan 2016        Designer yarn

Feb 2017        SWSG Open House at the McKinley Garden and Arts Center

Mar 2017        Beginner / How to Spin (wheel or spindle)

Apr 2017        Exploring wool

May 2017        Band Weaving *

Jun 2017        What to do with your yarn you're creating.  This could include weaving, 

                        knitting, crocheting, felting and other crafts           

Jul 2017         Kumihimo braiding *

Aug 2017        Open

Sept 2017       Open


*  We are looking for demonstrators on these topics.  If you have any ideas or want to do a presentation yourself email us at:

Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento
2425 Sierra Blvd. Sacramento CA 95825

2425 Sierra Blvd