February 2011

Unofficial minutes taken by Betsy Gribble

8 members and guests present.

We opened up the meeting with introductions, then went over the most recent newsletter for guild news and upcoming events (and also gushed for awhile over how great Open House was!). Major date of note: the guild's May potluck meeting.

Next we discussed next month's program, which features Don Day from Arbuckle, CA, a local alpaca rancher who will be speaking about his alpacas. We also tossed around ideas for future months, including a request for a practical demo of worsted v. woolen spinning and prep.

Moving on to our hands-on portion(s):
1. Inspired by guild president Will Taylor's last newsletter note encouraging spring cleaning of equipment, Susan showed us basic spinning wheel maintenence. Using 3-in-one with extender applicator, Susan demonstrated various points to clean including the flyer (which most of us hadn''t really thought of, and were surprised at how nasty dirty most of our flyers were)

Susan's how to reference pages for wheel maintenence:

Note: Maggie Casey will be presenting wheel mechanics to the guild April 26 & 27. The workshop is full, but the waiting list is not. Please contact programs director Cindy Geer for more information.

2. Franco brought supplies to demo twining, a basic basketry technique which can also be used to make fabric. He pointed out that this is a great introduction for kids to the wonderful world of fiber arts, and is marvelously portable (Franco himself takes twining projects with him on RT commutes)