Barbara Cabrol

Achieving excellence requires patience and perserverance. A weaver for the past 30 years, Barbara Cabrol, celebrated excellence by being one of the few accepted into the fashion sow at the Handweaver's Guild of America conference held this past July in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her jacket creation marks the third time HGA has accepted her work to be shown at conference.

Barbara first experienced weaving on a 4 harness table loom while in junior high school. Today, she creates her unique designs on a 24 harness AVL. She derives inspiration by studying the work of other handweavers as well as collecting samples from the special sample service available at conferences and through the Sacramento Guild. Barbara often experiments with unusual combinations of fibers; for example, using silk and stainless steel to create a Leno structure scarf that was shown at HGA's Vancouver conference. She also studies the European influence of fabric and clothing design reflected in VAV Magazine. Barbara loves the surprise of woven shibori as well as the effects of using novelty Japanese yarns. All these factors have helped Barbara develop her own special style.

Her jacket reflects this synthesis of influences. Using a non-traditional warp of help and hand-painted silk combined with a silk/cotton weft, Barbara admits to completing LOTS of samples before the final fabric emerged, Even then, the end product was not what she had aimed for, but was rather a "happy accident" that occurred during the sampling process. The jacket design is another combination of an altered Lois Ericson with a "sleeve from something else." She focused on minimal cutting of the cloth, letting the fabric design define how she laid out the pattern. In the end, it was a tricky challenge to have enough fabric for the jacket in addition to the 8"x8" required sample.

She credits the support and guidance of her weaving friends Joanie, Dottie, and Cheryl, with helping her to complete the jacket with the final touches as well as giving her encouragement to enter the rigorous fashion show competition. Barbara's achievement is a successful inspiration for all!

Image of Barbara in her jacket (low resolution)
Image of Barbara in her jacket (high resolution)

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